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I just graduated from college and I plan on living internationally for a while. I currently got a job offer in Melbourne, Australia (which I’m stoked about!) but I was wondering… What should I do with my guns? I currently have, what I consider a medium-sized collection, (two semi auto handguns, one revolver, two shotguns, one ar-15, and one .308 semi-auto rifle) and I’m well aware that many countries are not as firearm-friendly as the US. I don’t have any family or friends that are capable or willing to let me store my firearms in their possession, so my only options right now is either pay for a storage locker (with the risk of missing a payment and getting all my stuff sold) or put my firearms into a cache of some sort and bury it in the backyard!

I plan on living internationally for around 3-5 years, while (hopefully) coming back to the US for holidays and such. Does anyone know what I can do?
I apologize if I didn’t make it clear in the description, but yes I’m almost 99% certain that I won’t be able to bring any gun with me to australia (or any of the other countries I plan on living in). But I wanted to find out how can I keep my guns here in the US without the risk of it taken away (I’m aware there’s always a risk, but I mean like from not paying up for storage lots or if my family moves out of our current house and the next homeowner decides to dig up the backyard to build a pool). My family is respectably anti-gun and my friends don’t like to hold onto someone else’s property for long term.

There is absolutely no way your collection is going to make it into Australia. You can completely forget that idea. Try to find someone in the family who would be willing to let you take them if you were to agree to buy a good quality gun safe.

OK. I know what the minimum size for a rainbow lorikeet cage is (48"L x 36"H x 24"D) and with that, I’m going to make it 50"L x 60"H x 27"D. I am only getting one lorikeet and I want to make sure he or she lives the happiest and healthiest life possible.
But the question is WHAT SHOULD THE CAGE BE MADE OF?? I’m going to have this cage just for my lorikeet and then I’m going to buy a cockatoo or something and that’s when I’ll upgrade my cage. And firstly, I CANNOT AFFORD STAINLESS STEEL. I know people say stainless steel is the best blah blah blah… I just cannot afford it. Plus I dont even know if my local pet shop even HAS a stainless steel cage… :( I heard wrought iron cages can last 5-6 times longer than a powder – coated one but I’m worried to get a wrought iron one because I know lorikeets are vunerable to Iron Storage Disease. I heard it’s due to vitamin A (Or something?) But Is the wrought iron still dangerous? I just want a cage that costs maybe 300 – $400 MAX. I’ll repeat again I’m only getting ONE lorikeet.
Also I live in Melbourne, VIC so if you recommend any pet shops or bird shops nearby that have good bird cages could you maybe send links of pictures if possible??
Also just another question, how long is a rainbow lorikeet’s lifespan in CAPTIVITY?

Also I only want answers from people with experience of handling/caring for rainbow lorikeets. NO CRAP PLEASE.
Thanks so much for your help in advance. :)

You should be able to find a nice powder-coated cage for $300. I bought a HUGE cage for my Grey for $500. You would only need 1/4 of that size. Look online, you’d be suprised at how many are available for that price.

im trying to make a c&c cage for my soon to be guinea pigs, if you don’t know what wire cube shelving is they are also called cube shelf unit, organiser cubes, storage-cube-ibex

I live in Australia to, and wanted to make a C&C cage as well. The closest thing I could think of for the cubes is mesh. Use wire cutters to cut them to the right shape. Get the mesh from Bunnings, Mitre 10 or any other warehouse type shop.

Okay so i’m going to Sydney for the weekend.. but i’m getting in like seven hours earlier than when my plans are.. so i don’t know what to do with my bag.. it’s only one smallish duffle bag….

so i know that at the main central train station in melbourne (where i live) there’s lockers… but i was wondering if anyone knew about them from sydney if there is any or whatever…… :) any info would be muchly appreciated….

There is a cloak room and lockers at Sydney’s Central Station

I will be going overseas as an expat for some years. I intend to keep my SA registered car in storage in Victoria as we would like to return and live in Melbourne. I found a company who is happy to keep the car in storage but how do i go about the registration. We do not have any address in SA or VIC as soon as we leave Australia . . . and we do not have any relatives either in these states

Does the car need to be registered? Is it going to be used?
I would just cancel the registration, and dont worry about the hassle.
At least then you can guarentee that the person who is storing your car cant use it, and you can save on insurance, as well (unless you want it covered for fire or theft, I guess)

You will have to get a roadworthy done when you re-register the car- but you would have had to get that to change the address to Victoria, anyway. At least this way you would save at least $1500 in registration fees for a car that you are not using.

If you DID want to keep up the registration, then the car needs to be registered at the same address that is listed on your driver’s licence. I guess your only option would be to list a friend’s address, or the address where the car is being kept, and then ask if they can forward your mail to you.
You should be able to contact Vic roads and pay for registration fees over the phone without the bill, though- so if worse comes to worse, you should only have to quote your rego number and details to get the rego renewal payed for over the phone.

G’day all,
I’m travelling from Wollongong to Melbourne with 2 duffel bags and my bicycle with pannier bags. In Melbourne I’ll be staying with some friends, but it’s a bit of an inconvenience to travel with all this baggage on the metro trains and the bicycle in tow.
Hence, I was wondering if there are any bike lockers which I could hire for a day or two at Southern Cross station itself, and how much might this cost?
Even if there are no bike lockers, are there bike stands where I can lock it for 1-2 days?
Any other ideas will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance


I’ve never seen them but this is from the Metlink website:

Lockers are available in the following locations:

* the Southern Cross Coach Terminal
* next to the V/Line Luggage area, below the Bourke Street Bridge
* adjacent to Platform 7a.

The fee for locker hire starts at $8 all day. No reservations are required.

View the map of Southern Cross Station for locker locations.

I’m not sure how big they are or if you can keep a bike in them. There would probably be bike racks somwhere but I don’t think that would be very safe to leave it there for days. Bike racks are usually on the outside of train stations like that, near the carparks.

Call 131 638 (6am – midnight daily) for information about metropolitan and regional train, tram, bus and coach services and bookings.


I’ve got a 48ft ex scallop boat in Melbourne Australia which is under
renevation and on dry land(storage $120.00 a month)To swap with
diesel landcruiser ute or forklift(container mast).

No thank you.

Chest is more energy efficient but vertical does not need to be defrosted (if I get auto defrost model) and chest freezer is also colder and keeps food longer but food is harder to get at.

I am going to be storing meals in 500 ml containers.

I would be storing about 48 500ml containers in the freezer. This works out to be 24 litres. I may store a few othre things as well such as ice cream.

I was considering a 160 litre chest freezer. But then perhaps I would be better off with a smaller vertical freezer.

It’s hard to know since the storage containers take up space so I don’t know how how much actual space 48 500ml containers would take up.

I am single person in Melbourne Australia.

Given a choice, I’d take an upright. I hope to never have to defrost another freezer as long as I live. It is also much easier to organize, and you don’t have to stand on your head and pull everything out to find what you want (thereby letting all the cold escape).
An upright should do a perfectly good job if the seal is good and it’s set at the proper temperature.
I would measure the containers, do the math, then buy the next larger size freezer. You will always need at least a little more space than you think you will.
Hope this helps. Good luck!

I can pull the lid off easily, even when screwed tight.

Does this mean the containers aren’t airtight?

I want airtight containers for food storage.

Some containers have a clamp that is released instead of a screw top. I saw some like that at Safeway.

Are they better for air tightness?

I live in Melbourne Australia.

I bought the cheap containers at Kmart.

I want medium size and big ones.

Any recommendations are welcome but not expensive ones like Tupperware.

The canning jars you saw at Safeway have a rubber gasket. If the clamp is tight and rubber new and flexible, it should provide an airtight seal.

okay well i live in Australia Melbourne and im looking for a good double bed!
i found one a cataloger but i threw it out and forgot what the place was called…
but the bed was black and for the head thing was like a storage spot were you could put picture frames and candles and stuff.

I think it is a loft bed you are referring to, yes loft beds have the storage thing for candles and stuff.

hope I helped!(:

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