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For eg: I have too many images on computer and now there is no disk space & pen drive or memory card also have limited space and also is costly, so is it safe to upload those pics on flickr and delete from computer. Can I keep those pics private? i.e. no one except me could see that.

I used to keep photos on flickr privately for the same reason. You choose to share them, they don’t share automatically. It’s all on the main page of Flickr under Privacy right in the middle :)

It used to be easier years ago but it changed. I use it for storage and freespace. how do i make it fully private

To make your photobucket account private just go to setting and then click on preference > set to private.

Our landlord wants to change the locks on tendants private storage space, can they do that.

Yes, and you do not have to receive a key if you owe money. This is not the same as locking you out of the house. most do not change the lock, but install an additional lock.

Yes it’s stupid…giving other people your private information and banking records…etc…when all you have to do is go out and buy a few blank CD’s and burn them yourself for archieve purposes…….

I’m hoping that the person that removed it will make this right, however, it they don’t then I will file a police report and turn it in to my insurance company. How long do I have to file an insurance claim on stolen property?

The longer you wait, the more heavily the claim is investigated.

This is going to be a big investigation, anyway – stealing a BUILDING? Very unusual. File that police report NOW.

USA – Should there be a referendum on wether private property continues to exist or not? If the majority votes in favor of keeping private property as is, then nothing changes. But if the majority votes in favor of abolishing private property, then all property (homes, apartments, storage buildings, industries, banks, etc) is given to the government so it decides how to best use these. That would be the democratic thing.

American is a Representative democracy with a written constitution. If Congress passed a constitutional amendment that was then ratified by all fifty states you could abolish property rights. Good luck on that one!

I would like to auction off the contents of a 5X10 storage unit fill of cards. Baseball. Football, Basketball, Majic,Star Track and many more over a million cards. Private collection. How do I go about doing this ?

Storage auctions only happen when you don’t pay your fees at the storage facility. You don’t want that, because they’ll take the amount of the fees you didn’t pay out of the selling price of your cards. However, unlike the other answerer said, you do get anything over what you owe that you earn from the auction.

Don’t hold the auction at a storage unit. Although storage auctions are popular, you’re not likely to get the price you deserve because the audience won’t know anything about cards. Either piece them out on eBay or get an auctioneer to hold a live auction, either online or offline.

I want to build my own website with unlimited email address, storage, and bandwidth. Also have unlimited personal info and links email address on the website for me and friends like MSN. I don’t mind paying.

Well, obviously that cannot be accomplished for free. All of the free options are always limited in some ways…

You need some knowledge and some tools. Would you know what type of tools you need?

What is all about? This video can give you some ideas that you can consider, before you take your decision…

Is there a difference between backup and storage? Are they both accessible by the user in the same way? Is there a particular service you’d recommend? Why are some free and some paid and is there a difference? My biggest concern is privacy. How private is stored info and how easily accessible by people on the other end of the service, hackers, snoopers etc. I know these are a lot of questions. Will appreciate all informed answers.

Online storage is often an active connection that you can use like a normal hard drive (albeit slower). Alternately, it is simply somewhere you can store files via ftp, http, sftp, or some other file-transfer method.

Online backup is usually less time-critical and used for long-term storage of backup files that can be used to restore your computer (or, more often, parts of it) if a disaster happens. Backup sites are often (but not always) tied to a particular backup program.

Free sites will be paid for in some other way (often advertising). Sometimes, free sites are used as an advertisement/enticement for a pay site (or they are identical but free has a space restriction).

Personally, I like Mozy (official or alternate) for backups. All files are encrypted prior to transfer so they should be completely private. They offer a free version which is restricted (2GB iirc) and pay for unlimited space (I currently have ~80GB backed up).

I tried Carbonite before settling on Mozy and was not nearly as impressed (though they may have improved since).

I think most of them are hurricane resistant. Mine is in the Doral area and is a concrete building with no windows. If you want to be sure it would not be affected by hurricanes, then you should ask for an unit with A/C. This is not only good to prevent hurricane damages, but also it would protect them from the horrible South Florida humidity levels.

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