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Self Storage Season 1: Episode 1

Dana and Shoshanna find themselves living in a storage unit, partly because of the Great Recession and partly due to their own stupidity.

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When a renter doesn’t pay for however many months and the unit goes to public auction, is the owner of the facility allowed to compete in the bidding on auction day?

These auctions are usually contracted through an outside agency. If the facility owner is bidding I guarantee he knows what is in the unit. And it is something good. It could also be a ploy to get a higher bid price for the unit. Either case I would not bid against the facility manager.

Something I would consider a conflict of interest but I’m sure many do it.

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Oklahoma City Self Storage Rental Units

Oklahoma City Self Storage Rental Units Visit Looking for self storage rental units in Oklahoma City OK? We are located in Warr Acres, Oklahoma and provide Self Storage Units to Oklahoma City, Wiley Post, Bethany, Nichols Hills, & Yukon, Oklahoma.

Extra Closet Self Storage offers services that revolve around the convenience and confidence of our customers. Our storage facility is clean and well lit so you can feel comfortable when storing your items. We provide outside parking for your vehicles and a selection of self storage rental sizes that can host your belongings, regardless of how much or how big.

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TAXIBOX mobile self-storage

TAXIBOX mobile self-storage is revolutionising self-storage in 3 simple steps:

1. We Deliver – we deliver your TAXIBOX to your home or office.
2. You Pack – take your time to pack and lock your TAXIBOX
3. We Store. we return to collect and store your TAXIBOX in our secure storage facility.

TAXIBOX mobile self-storage

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My boyfriend and I are a little low on money and thinking about renting out a storage unit. We’re going to furnish it like an art studio and go there once a week to hook up and hang out. It will be like an apartment, but it;s a storage unit. Is this plausible? Has anyone else tried anything like this? Anyone have any other places they’ve hooked up?

It is plausible, and although it’s against the terms of your lease with most storage facilities, managers are generally hands off enough to leave you alone. The sketchy part is when you enter the unit and then actually close the door – not many people close the door with themselves in there. It becomes a little obvious at that point.

Other than it being too hot in the summer, it’s not a bad idea. Please remember to practice safe sex, regardless of the location.


A 30-year-old cold case is back in the news after a gruesome discovery in Maine. Fox News has more.

“After Francis Julian passed away earlier this month, his family found human remains in his storage-unit freezer. The body, believed to be Kitty Wardwell, who disappeared back in 1983.”

Julian and Wardwell dated 28 years ago just before then 29-year-old Wardwell went missing. According to reports, at the time, Julian told authorities he left Wardwell at a motel after the couple got into a fight.

WGME reports the couple’s fights were cause for suspicion.

“Police say Julian and Wardwell often had fights and have since ruled that Wardwell was likely the victim of foul play. The identity of the woman found in that freezer has not been released, but police say it could be Wardwell.”

The autopsy will take place Monday. Stephen McCausland, a Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman, told the Sun Journal the body was inside an unplugged freezer within the storage unit.

“McCausland would not comment on the condition of the body. However, he said workers with the State Medical Examiner’s Office had to remove the freezer unit with the body still inside to perform an autopsy.”

Police say Julian has been renting the unit from Moore Self Storage since 1992. He died on October 1st at the age of 80. He was 52 at the time Wardwell was reported missing.

Transcript by Newsy,

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self storage

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Autopsy Scheduled For Body Found In Lewiston Freezer

An autopsy is scheduled today on the body found in a freezer inside a Lewiston storage unit. News 8′s Dave Guthro tells us why police suspect the remains belong to a woman, missing since 1983.

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